The best kept secret in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Care Haven Homes: Professional Memory Care in the Warmth of a Home

boys-at-care-havenYou worry about the hours Dad spends by himself.

  • Does he watch TV all day long?
  • Does he eat enough?
  • Take his meds?
  • Bathe?
  • Sleep through the day, but not at night?
  • Does he agree to telephone sales pitches because he’s confused or lonely?

mom-at-care-havenYou worry about Mom’s safety.

  • Does she turn off the stove? 
  • Run the air conditioning in the stifling heat – the furnace in the bitter cold? 
  • Will she stay away from the basement stairs? 
  • Does she wander the neighborhood in the middle of the night? 
  • Find her way home?
You worry that “home alone” isn’t the right answer – but that a move into your own home or into a large facility isn’t either.
You’d stop worrying if you could findalzheimer's care - dementia care
Personalized, professional Alzheimer’s care – round the clock – in the
warmth of a REAL home.
Caregivers who

  • Treat each resident as a person, not a patient.
  • Protect the comfort and dignity of all.
  • Offer activities tailored to individual interests, backgrounds & capabilities.
  • Focus on making the most of each moment.

You’ll find all of this in a Care Haven Home